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Non-Corrosive Pastes NKO200

Description: The flux paste range contain non-corrosive controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB) flux,  with an organic carrier or water carrier system. Some of these products are cesium complex enhanced.

Appearance: pastes
Melting Range: See table below

Product Range:
lux pastes contain non-corrosive flux as the active component. Cesium complex is added to some variants. The cesium is very effective at managing high magnesium and high copper content in aluminum alloys used.

The cesium complex component is active at the same temperature range as the magnesium and copper in modern aluminum alloys. It prevents magnesium and copper oxides forming on the component surfaces.

The post braze flux residues are non-corrosive, they do not need to be removed or chemically neutralized. 
These pastes are widely used in flame, induction and controlled atmosphere braze furnace operations. Typically applied to braze critical joints by dispense, brush or, in some cases, by spray application. Used in joint situations where filler metal is present in the form of a clad layer or filler metal shim and wire pre-forms are positioned in the joint area.

Multi flow condenser connector block (typically AA 6063) to header pipe furnace brazing is improved by applying to the joint area.

Pipe to connector brazing is made easy by using these pastes is especially useful when flame brazing AA 6061 and AA 6063 (and equivalent alloys). Also used for low temperature (420 oC -500 oC) leak repair of condensers and evaporators in conjunction with AlZn2 or AlZn15 filler wire.

The advantage is that a single product is used. No mixing is required. No filler metal pre-forms need be manufactured and stocked. Flux and filler metal are applied in a single, controllable, operation and the flux to filler metal ratio is controlled. This reduces unwanted post-braze crystals as a result of over fluxing.  

Uses include problematic braze joint areas on furnace brazed aluminium heat exchangers, for example, large gaps at tube to header joints caused by poor part stamping. Leaks can be repaired by applying MNKO200 70/30 to the leak area and re-brazing the defective unit.
Multi flow condenser connector block to header pipe brazing is improved by the use of MNKO200 70/30 can be used if the connector material contains significant amounts of magnesium. Non-clad parts can be joined using these pastes. MNKO200 70/30 paste is used extensively in the cookware industry to join aluminium bases to stainless steel pots.

Benefits Pastes:
– Cost competitive product
– Non corrosive residue, no need to remove or neutralize
– Improved process
– Excellent braze fillet formation
– Cesium enhanced pastes significantly improve braze ability of Mg and Cu bearing alloys

Flux pastes provide practical solutions for the application of high concentration flux to braze critical joints.




Corrosive-Flux-Paste KO 100

Corrosive-Flux-Pastes: The flux pastes listed within contain as the active component is a corrosive flux containing a mixture of LiCl, NaCl, KCl, inorganic- and complex- fluorides. Organic carrier systems are used to prepare a wide range of pastes for the flame brazing of aluminium-materials.
Corrosive – Flux – Pastes contain , Open – Furnace – Brazing - Flux. Advantages of these fluxes include: less corrosivity in relation to flux powder or flux suspensions, lower consumption, optimal flux application due to Belter dosage of flux paste and quick and easy removal of the flux residues.


- Dispense
- Brush application
Flame Brazing:
- Automatic flame braze
- Manual flame braze
Residue Removal:
- Water shower

Benefits Of Corrosive-Flux-Pastes:
• Cost competitive product
• Ease of application using proprietary dispensing equipment
• Consistent flux deposition achievable
• No flux mixing/concentration monitoring required
• Creates excellent post braze cosmetics.
• Significantly reduced post-braze flux residues

Corrosive-Flux-Pastes are well suited to manual and automatem facilities for the flame brazing of aluminium materials.



Support Products

Brazing Wire and Rings:
We offer aluminium alloy filler wires in various alloys and diameters, in rod and spool format to meet all your brazing requirements. Pre-formed rings and other profiles can be supplied to customer specification

Aluminium Alloys:
We offer a wide range of aluminium alloys for general flame, induction, TIG, MIG and furnace brazing applications. These can be used in conjunction with corrosive or non-corrosive flux from our extensive range to suit specific conditions.

Zinc Aluminium Alloys:
Used in conjunction with our non-corrosive cesium enhanced flux pastes, these filler wires are used to join aluminium to aluminium as well as aluminium to copper.

FLUX-Cored Wire:
These filler wires contain non-corrosive flux (cesium enhanced in some products) in their center. No additional flux is required. The filler alloy to flux ratio is well balanced eliminating over/under fluxing of joints.









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