• Biotic stability is excellent despite the lack of BIOCIDs in the formula
  • Unavoidable recipe based on BIOTECHNOLOGY
  • No anti-foaming agents required
  • Can be used in hard water (5 to 25odH)
  • Mild to the skin
  • High performance cutting
  • Long tool life
  • Do not emulsify machine oils - outstanding foreign oil secretion capacity
  • very good corrosion protection despite low pH value

Blaser Swisslube AGis the largest Swiss company producing water-miscible coolants, processing oils, additives and coolant care equipment.

Oemeta_Logo_blue_4c-300x117.jpg To meet the expectations of our customers, ABIS is constantly working on introducing a new range and services in the field of coolants. For operation and maintenance of the offered products we provide coolant control, machine cleaning, filtration and coolant dosing. We offer assistance in the selection of appropriate coolants that will meet the requirements of your production. The coolants offered by us are of high quality and manufactured according to innovative formulas. We offer coolants for all kinds of machining: grinding, turning, drilling, milling, such materials as aluminum, steel, cast iron, plastic, etc. Cooperation with our company will ensure quick delivery of coolants because we have our own warehouse and full service in the field of coolant selection and service. The selection of the right coolant is the basis for processing materials for various metals and plastics. The right coolant ensures tool life and the required quality of workpieces. The coolants we offer ensure high quality, safety and durability in operation. Our cooling lubricants are manufactured from high-quality raw materials according to innovative formulas. We offer more than one hundred standard and specialty products for various applications in industrial metal and glass processing. Whether you are grinding, turning, drilling, milling, smoothing or reaming - Oemeta has the right solution for you. Our experienced staff will help you to choose the right product.

Blaser Swisslube AG is mainly a manufacturer of emulsion coolants. However, synthetic coolants are required for grinding operations on hard materials, especially on diamond discs. For this reason, Blaser's laboratories have developed the Grindex 10 and Grindex 10 CO coolants. The Vasco 1000 vegetable ester based coolant is also available. It is the most widely sold coolant of its kind in the world and at the same time the most efficient coolant for machining operations, especially on the toughest materials.